Grandpa’s Old Tools


 I grew up without a father and my grandpa is who I have always looked to for what it means to be a man. He is strong, yet kind, has self respect, as well as humility, and has great moral fiber, yet does not judge unfairly. He is a man who can fix anything and has an extra helping of that american spirit that makes due and prefers function to fashion.

 On a visit, he gave me some of his old hand tools. For every craftsman, tools are sacred, especially hand tools. These tools are even more sacred having been owned and cared for by so many craftsmen. I hope to breathe new life into these tools and no doubt they will serve me well. Perhaps they will some day be past down to another lover and worker of wood.

 As I cleaned, sharpened, and oiled the tools, I thought about how in such a short amount of time they went from a useful  necessity to amusing and decorative relics. I believe we have been too quick to lay down the draw shave and the hand plane. These old tools can still function just as they did 100 years ago and I believe the way of life they represent to be just as functional today as it was when these tools were made.





About Anthony Wilder

I am an artisan woodworker from Grand Rapids, MI. Woodworking is my passion and I do all my work with hand tools. We can learn a lot from past methods and mindsets and I am working towards teaching the lost art of working wood.
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One Response to Grandpa’s Old Tools

  1. Marilyn says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharin’. Its so nice to have such a close connection to your tools.

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