I bought a couple of Mora knifes recently and finally got around to sheathing the second one. This is the second sheath I’ve made and  it may not look like much but it’s a vast improvement from the first. There are so many skills, like sheathing your own knife, that have fallen to the wayside and I hope my generation can bring these skills back.

In this spirit, I have been studying folk art and trying to recreate some ancient  patterns. This spoon contains some Scandinavian folk patterns.



There is so much culture in the world that will be lost if we do not make an effort to preserve it. We are approaching an age of manufactured commercial culture. One that will be characterized by Orwellian “New Speak” and that which is uniformly bland. I want to encourage you to pick a piece of tradition and culture that you find valuable and guard it, treasure it and pass it on to the next generation. If we don’t I’m afraid the future of culture will be decided by the coca-colas and googles of the world.


About Anthony Wilder

I am an artisan woodworker from Grand Rapids, MI. Woodworking is my passion and I do all my work with hand tools. We can learn a lot from past methods and mindsets and I am working towards teaching the lost art of working wood.
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