Folk Art.

serving spoon 1


Folk art is all dirt and ash, earth and fire, muscle and blood.The Artist is surrounded by wealth but cannot attain it.He wades through the muck and mire of the earth, taking handfuls of crude elements and forms them into Spirit and Beauty.He eats the soil so others can eat the fruit. He gives everything but is not allowed to take. For every hundred, there is one who is courageous or foolish enough to devote himself to art. His path is stone and thorn mixed with Heaven and bliss. God bless the artist and through him bless the world.


About Anthony Wilder

I am an artisan woodworker from Grand Rapids, MI. Woodworking is my passion and I do all my work with hand tools. We can learn a lot from past methods and mindsets and I am working towards teaching the lost art of working wood.
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