Make Your Own Wooden Bottle Opener

This is a simple project that can be done in an afternoon.

I start with a length of walnut the size of my palm and thumb extended around 6 inches.


Next I cut a piece of 1/2 inch brass about the width of my thumb and file it round on one end. This will be for the business end of the opener. I drill a hole for a screw and countersink the hole.

DSCN6686  DSCN6688

I cut two depth cuts. The first one about an inch in and the second one is measured from the first cut to allow the brass to hang over a bit.

DSCN6689   DSCN6691

I split out the waste and pear down to the final depth. This method only works if you have very strait stock. Center the hardware on the blank and mark the hole with an awl or screwdriver.

DSCN6692Fit the hardware and shape the handle as desired. I use a hatchet to hew the bottom concave and finish with a knife.

DSCN6693 DSCN6694 DSCN6695

A few finishing touches and its done.

DSCN6699   DSCN6696 DSCN6702


About Anthony Wilder

I am an artisan woodworker from Grand Rapids, MI. Woodworking is my passion and I do all my work with hand tools. We can learn a lot from past methods and mindsets and I am working towards teaching the lost art of working wood.
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