Woodworking and … Fashion?

Cherryear1 holly2 holly5 Wings 5

I would consider myself as one who believes function over fashion so my latest project has been a bit of a stretch for me. For my wife’s birthday, I made her some wooden earrings and enjoyed the process so much I made a few more to sell.

The allure of jewelry is lost on me but the idea of a wearable work of art does have its appeal. Carving the earrings given me a chance to make something that is strictly decorative and I must admit I enjoyed focusing on the artistic side of woodworking.

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Water of life

“Uisce beatha” is Gaelic for “water of life” and from where we get the word whiskey. This was the inspiration for this Butternut whiskey cup.

The carving on the handle represents both the water and fire elements and there unlikely unity in things like tea or whiskey. Butternut wood was chosen for its cathartic properties and is said to purify negative emotions especially those of fear and pity. This cup was made to invoke feelings of Courage and Joy much like the age old “Uisce Beatha”.

Whis4     Whis2

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I have been busy lately but managed to list some new woodenware that’s ready to ship on my etsy.

cherryK1 custom set Hook1 Knife1 Spoon1 BK1

For prices and purchasing visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/wilderwoodworking or message me and I can send you a paypal invoice.

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chickideekuksa chips

Got some Kuksas in the works this one in cherry. I finished the rough carving and I covered it in its own shavings to slow the drying process. Later I will use these same shavings as packing material for shipping.

So many things these days are needlessly complex. We use power plants, microchips, strip mining, genetic manipulation, oil refineries, High frequency radiation and even a magnetron just to make a bag of popcorn. Its a welcome relief to have some things be this simple.

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Do the twist.


Wood can be like a brightly wrapped Christmas present. You don’t really know whats inside until you open it. You can tell a bit just by looking at it and a little more by the way it sounds but the true test is on the inside.

twistTwisted grain is one of the more disappointing surprises but dont throw it into the firewood pile just yet, it can still make a good spoon without a lot of effort. When I find a twist, I hew the bark side strait along the length parallel with one end of the pith side of the log. This gives you a strait, parallel section to carve the bowl and a skewed section for the handle where its less important. When roughing out the spoon, I leave a little more space on the handle to correct any twist that may happen after drying.


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Kuksas and Spoons

This gallery contains 9 photos.

After a few weeks of drying and a few weeks for the finish to cure I finally have a couple of kuksas finished. I so enjoyed making these and can already tell its going to be addictive. Carving walnut green … Continue reading

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The zip of the saw is lightly echoed from tree to tree. Hands worn but tireless flex as wood sprouts from the sawbuck only to be cut back again in an unyielding rhythm. The long cold waits patiently for the shortening of the day and slips in through the cracks while the wood makes ready.

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