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Ancient Egyptian Comb Revisited

About a year ago, I made a replica of an ancient Egyptian comb. I loved the project and have made several since. After some study I believe the blanks were originally sawn out and not split out. I believe the … Continue reading

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Historical replica. Well.. sort of.

I just finished this reproduction of a spoon I copied from an ancient Egyptian one. I appreciate the irony in a household pest turned household vessel and the dignity given this humble wooden mouse being included alongside the gold relics … Continue reading

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In Norse Mythology, Odin, desiring the knowledge of the ancients goes to Mímisbrunnr to drink from Mimir’s well. To drink from the well, Odin must sacrifice one of his eyes. In the same way, in order to understand history we … Continue reading

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Ancient Egyptian Wooden Comb

This is a comb patterned after an ancient Egyptian one from 1300 BC. Its made from black walnut and I made some minor changes to the carving but kept the rest true to the original. I am blown away by  ancient … Continue reading

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