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Craft in the 21st century

Working wood in the 21st century is all about the process. In an age where automation dominates the crafts and the excess and availability of goods is at its peak, woodworking and other hand crafts are largely reduced to hobby. … Continue reading

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Woodworking and … Fashion?

I would consider myself as one who believes function over fashion so my latest project has been a bit of a stretch for me. For my wife’s birthday, I made her some wooden earrings and enjoyed the process so much … Continue reading

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Kuksas and Spoons

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After a few weeks of drying and a few weeks for the finish to cure I finally have a couple of kuksas finished. I so enjoyed making these and can already tell its going to be addictive. Carving walnut green … Continue reading

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¬†Synonymous with camping and the outdoors, Kuksas are a joy to hold. The texture of the knife cuts and the quiet nature of wood is reminiscent of cold mornings in the woods with breakfast over a cheery fire. This is … Continue reading

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Hand Carved Wood Buttons

¬†Buttons are the bread and butter of my business. I started making wood buttons about three years ago and my process has changed quite a bit since then. My buttons are still made largely without the use of power tools. … Continue reading

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